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About LiKi Global Company

The company was established in 2017


- Trading in rolled steel sheet - box steel - shaped steel, ...

- Trading in industrial electricity, bearings, belts, wires, supplies, accessories, spare parts, industrial machines

Our customers are: Corrugated iron rolling mill, steel corrugated iron trading company, manufacturing factories.

In 2019, due to the need to expand, we opened a rolling mill in Cu Chi District with key products: - Cold - zinc - color - arched - laphong - gutter, ...

- Ton Pu insulation

- Steel iron UIV □□ ○ Ǿ

With the desire to bring corrugated iron products - iron and steel for all construction criteria:

- Cheap steel sheet

- Quality guaranteed

- Fast delivery - free

- Standards

- Warranty 10 - 20 years according to the manufacturer announced

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1421, Provincial road 8, Hoa Phu Ward, Cu Chi District, HCMC